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The All-New, State-of-the-Art, Fully-enclosed,
German technology Gyroplane

Calidus09The Calidus09 is a total of new designs, high technology, sound aerodynamics, stability, comfort and speed.

BCAR Section T certification completed.

The first factory build Calidus09 left the factory in Germany for Sweden on Thursday, 12 March 2009.

We are proud to announce that this ground breaking Gryocopter recieved the SA CAA Type Acceptance approval and completed the required proofing flying hours.

We received the Type Designated Number (Y025) on Friday, 23 July 2010.

The Calidus09 was build in response to the ongoing demand for a enclosed gyroplane. The Calidus09 addresses many of the problems which have occurred with other aircraft of this same type:

Tried and tested technology used

Low weight – great performance without extra power

Tandem seating for low drag

Aerodynamic profile giving clean airflow to the prop

Spacious interior for comfort

Excellent visibility

Very quiet cabin inside

High payload allowing serious cross-country flight

Large water radiator with thermostat activated fan.


VNE: 120 MPH

Cruise: 95 – 110 MPH

Take off distance: 10 – 100 m

Landing distance: 0 – 15 m

Fuel capacity: 75 l

Fuel burn: 12 – 18 l/H

MTow: 550 kg

Empty weight: 270 kg

Min/Max front seat weight: 60 / 125 kg Max rear seat weight: 120 kg.


Engine: Rotax 914 UL

Prop: Fixed or Variable Pitch (optional)

Rotor: 8.4 Extruded Alluminium

Frame: Stainless Steel E-polished

Fire wall between engine and cabin

Fire Warning System

Pneumatic rotor trim, side trim and rotor brake

Pneumatic assisted pre-rotator – up to 90% flying speed

Luggage lockers

Under-seat and infront controllable ventilations.


Heated cabin

Fully removable instructor kit

Choice of instrument panels: Anolog or Glass cockpit

Extra vents for canopy

Dual Purpose Open Canopy for Africa

Funkwerk ATR 833 Transceiver, Dual Watch, 99 Memory Frequency

Funkwerk TRT 800 Transponder

12 v sockets – front and rear

ANR Headsets (active noise reduction)

Paint and graphics – to your specification


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